perfectionists have empty blogs

I’ve wanted this space, this blog, for ages. I’ve dreamt about it so much that I’m now afraid of ruining it. So: if I don’t post anything, I can’t technically fail! That’s been my logic up til recently. Well, change has arrived: it’s time to get ugly. Beauty doesn’t come out of nothingness, it’s got to be ugly first.

Even when Earth was growing and evolving and blossoming into the super fine planet it is today, for a long while it was just covered in greens (after the long while of nothingness, obviously). Maybe you wouldn’t call it ‘ugly’ but it was generally a monotone canvas, nothing too fancy. It took millions of years for flowering plants to evolve. Earth first had to figure out what worked and what didn’t. She had to work with her audience, mostly insects at the time, and finally after millennia of hard work, she became the beautiful color-rich planet we know her to be today.

I’m not ready to flower. I’ve got to grow some grass first, plant some trees, coax some ivy. I need to put words here, love here, even if it isn’t perfect, even if it doesn’t quite look how I want it to look or do quite what I want it to do. First, I guess I need to tend to my own. And I need to do it here.