ruminating: 10 of Pentacles.

Suit: Pentacles
Up until about a year ago, I rarely had nice things to say about pentacles or the element of earth. It was either too mundane or too heavy or too slow. In the context of the society I grew up in (middle-class America), it was just too-emphasized in general. Who needed more materiality? And living with chronic pain, I was always avoiding the element of the body. The abstract, mental parts of my life were a sanctuary to me as a closeted, queerasfuck teenager because the pentacle parts felt like shackles.

Number: 10
Numerologically, 1 is the number of beginnings and 0 is of infinite possibilities. So 10 is a begin-again kind of number. Arthur Waite’s keyword for the tens was “fixing”. 10 is the chance to begin-again with experiential knowledge–knowledge is power. You may begin-again by taking the next step in front of you, or you may begin-again by taking a giant leap sideways, or you may decide to begin-again by launching straight up towards the clouds. Infinite possibilities with the power of conscious judgement.


The Waite-Smith version of the 10 of Pentacles features a busy marketplace, a familiar place, a normal place. But the pentacles on the card form a new way of seeing this place, a gateway to something more than a quotidian, capitalist, heteronormative life. This card shows you the new in the old, the fresh in the stale, the fairies in the forest, the magic in the mundane.

Through this card’s lens, I see humanity as more than a binary system and how every person embodies the masculine & the feminine. I see that life can be about more than how much money I have or how many things I possess. That 0 tells me not to find a role but to make one, to queer ‘roles’ altogether.

Not all leaps need to be profoundly original or pre-approved. Just go outside and listen to the birds. There’s magic there. And if you feeling like singing back, sing back. There’s magic there too.