Hello hello, I’m Tango.       gemini sun, capricorn moon, scorpio rising.       autistic.

My love for all things academic matched with a deep disdain for modern academia has led me out of Hell and into my own personal Wonderland. It’s been a process of shedding the scientist to reveal the alchemist underneath, the witch that 12-year-old me predicted and 22-year-old me never saw coming.

I moved to a small, rural village in Southeast Alaska.
I commercial troll for salmon in.
I wish that I could read & dance at the same time.
I like nettles in my coffee.
I hate being asked my ‘favorite’.
Astrology and alchemy guide me.
Tarot and herbalism ground me.
Obsessed with composting consciousness for the purpose of re-enchanting reality. ✨🌈💋

Find me on Twitter, Insta, and WP @tangotwitches
And I’m crafting a community for autistic folks! TAKE THE SURVEY.

”Believe nothing. Entertain possibility.” -Caroline Casey

[Header art by the glorious Jane Goebel.]