My newest obsession is bubbling to the surface: MEMORY.

new desk 006.jpg

Journal excerpt: When thinking, “I wish I was fox,” or any other form of life, it’s at root a desire for a more sophisticated system of memory – because we are that other form of life, we just can’t remember. Isn’t this what technology has been building towards? Cameras, computers, the internet – they all expand the capabilities of memory.

Taking a temporal step back, the ‘news’ expanded the capabilities of memory. In *Publics and Counterpublics*, Micheal Warner traces the history of new and public memory – I need to order another copy of that book (parted with it in breakup). (I just imagined the coziest library of all the books I’ve ever owned in my life in a hollowed out redwood; filing this for meditation.)

Memory. History. Education. News. Authority. The State.
Think Orwellian deletion & ‘adjustment’ of history.
Think specialization & distribution of knowledge.
Think individual & collective/group memory.
Think life-long & society-long memory.
Think internal & external memory.
How does identity/privilege/class intersect with memory?
What amounts/forms of memory doing we need to be nourished?
Where/How does memory intersect with ‘empty calories’?

If the root game of life is hide & seek, light & dark, on & off – is that remember & forget?


Image: painting a desk 2005


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