AstroWeekly: 19-26 April 2021

AstroWeekly is cross between easy-to-access ephemeris & general astrology forecast. This series is here to assist your personal practice and provide pointers as to how the present moment is rhyming with you (your natal chart), externally and internally. All times are in PST. Chart images from

On the Waxing Quarter Moon, everyone is reporting to either Venus (Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus) or Saturn (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto). Taurus and the personal planets are focused on planting & nurturing a seed, while Aquarius and the social planets are focused on updating the rules & laws governing that seed. We will see this pattern highlighted more specifically by Mercury & Venus passing through a square with Saturn (discussed under Major Aspects).

The Moon stays on team Venus through Virgo and Libra, but then enters mutual reception with Mars when she moves into Scorpio a couple days after Mars moves into Cancer. There’s some interesting potential bubbling around changing up habits you don’t like or are no longer serving you (even if you do still like them), but for the most part Mars is going to struggle to remain consistent while in the sign of the ever-changing Moon.

There’s an energetic clash this week between relaxing into fresh momentum and feeling the pressure to liberate stale old structure. Remember to look at where/how these events are touching your chart to determine the areas of impact on your internal psyche & external experience.


I plan on providing exact times for events like the new, full, and quarter moons. But when it comes to time brackets for void-of-course moons and moon mansions, I’m rounding. I’m looking out for my neurotic friends who get lost in derailing details, and I’m rounding this shit.

This is called ‘Getting Out of Your Own Way 101’. I care about you. Now let’s see what the Moon is doing this week…

Monday, 19 April

  • 9th Moon Mansion (Al-Tarf, the Eyes, Pitcher): until 3p
  • 10th Moon Mansion (Al-Jabhah, the Brow, Fountain): after 3p
  • Void of course: 5p – 11:15p
  • Moon into LEO: 11:15p
  • Waxing Quarter Moon @ 0 degrees of LEO: 11:58p

Tuesday, 20 April

  • Moon in LEO: all day
  • 11th Moon Mansion (Al-Zubrah, the Man, Fortuna): after 3:15p

Wednesday, 21 April

  • Moon in LEO: all day
  • 12th Moon Mansion (Al-Sarfah, the Changer, the Fall): after 3p

Thursday, 22 April

  • Void of course: 5a – 6a
  • Moon into VIRGO: 6a
  • 13th Moon Mansion (Al-Awwa, the Wings, Altar): after 1:30p

Friday, 23 April

  • Moon in VIRGO: all day
  • 14th Moon Mansion (Al-Simak, the Unarmed, Scepter): after 11:45a

Saturday, 24 April

  • Void of course: 3:45a – 9a
  • Moon into LIBRA: 9a
  • 15th Moon Mansion (Al-Ghafr, the Covering, Bouquet): after 9a

Sunday, 25 April

  • Moon in LIBRA: all day
  • 16th Moon Mansion (Al-Zubana, the Claws, Door): after 6a

Monday, 26 April

  • 17th Moon Mansion (Al-Iklil, the Crown, Sword): after 2:30a
  • Void of course: 5:45a – 9:15a
  • Moon into SCORPIO: 9:15a
  • Full Moon @ 7 degrees of SCORPIO: 8:31p

From Leo to Libra, the Moon continues to report to Venus — until Scorpio, where she enters mutual reception with Mars. Nice short voids this week. Thursday features a series of supportive trines between the Moon in Virgo and the Sun, Mercury, Venus in Taurus — so be sure to keep your eye on these two Houses in your chart and any opportunities within reach there.


Wrapping up with a trine to Jupiter in Aquarius (which began forming about three weeks ago), Mars ingresses from Gemini into Cancer on the morning of Friday, April 23. In general, Cancer is not a supportive energy for Mars to hang out in. Mars functions by acting on decisions, but Cancer wants to make sure it empathizes fully & properly before making a move. So Mars has to get creative to get shit accomplished. If you don’t get creative with this, you’ll feel the sluggishness (and possibly the brittle defensiveness) — most pointedly your Cancer-ruled House.

Once in Cancer, Mars begins offering sextile-style excitation to the Sun in Taurus for a few days. Your Taurus-ruled House and/or any planets in your chart being aspected by Sun, Mercury, Venus from Taurus could lend clues as to your creative approach to Mars’ oncoming moodiness.


As mentioned, Mercury & Venus both move through squares to Saturn this week. These transits highlight the clash between easy, traditional forms of communication / stories we tell ourselves to form coherence AND realizations about what rules, patterns, and desires are not serving the cohesiveness of greater community (both within and without ourselves).

While my infographic above is not wrong, it’s also not what I meant to highlight. I mentioned Mars ending the trine to Jupiter in the Planetary Ingresses section. Here, I wanted to highlight the supportive sextile/trine Mars provides the Full Moon. So there’s a major push-pull of Venusian-Feminine & Martial-Masculine energy during this Full Moon — with Saturn off to the side being like “And what did you learn this week?” with a firm, wagging finger. (It is up to you whether you choose to be annoyed or enlivened by Saturn’s authoritative influence; enjoy your free will.)


No planets stations direct or retrograde this week.


If your wondering “But what about the Saturn-Uranus square and the conjunctions to Uranus from–?”, I direct you to last week’s AstroWeekly where I stated that this series is currently limited to reporting on classical planets only. I have a list of reasons for this choice, but for now I’ll leave you with: How well acquainted do you really feel with the classical seven? Do you need to follow the transpersonal planets to feel patterns presently at play and to feel your Truth in your body?

What I want you to walk away with is that the planets are primarily on two teams this week: Saturn-in-Aquarius and Venus-in-Taurus. Feel both alive inside of you. The overall subtle-atmosphere is cooling off from Aries season, but that doesn’t mean what was stirred up just disappears..

The pull to rebel against out-of-service structure. The pull to connect and relate to a tradition, to something grounding. Do not pick one and reject the other. Slow down. Breathe. Call on your ability-to-respond (deeply important for working with squares), and get creative in honoring BOTH.

This has been the 2nd installment of AstroWeekly. My desire is for this series to be the astrology resource I’ve long been hoping to find and to share it with all of you. So what sort of information would you find supportive or inspiring in this lunar-weekly newsletter of sorts?

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