AstroWeekly: 3-11 May, 2021

AstroWeekly is cross between easy-to-access ephemeris & general astrology forecast. This series is here to assist your personal practice and provide pointers as to how the present moment is rhyming with you (your natal chart), externally and internally. All times are in PST. Chart images from

This week of lunar winter ranges from the Waning Quarter Moon in Aquarius to the New Moon in Taurus. We begin as last week ended: with half the sky on team-Venus and half the sky on team-Saturn. Team Venus is insisting that things are all good, just stick with routine. Team-Saturn is urging a bit of an innovative twist ultimately for the sake of that routine. Basically, don’t let comfort be your guiding light. Squares are successful when worked on/out. Some parts of your routine/system are working and some parts just aren’t. Don’t choose one as your ally and one as your enemy – zoom out and inspect their interplay (especially looking at your Aquarius & Taurus houses).

This week also features the planet of action (Mars) and the planet of restriction (Saturn) in each others’ blind spot. Look out for the emotional decision making that weighs the past far more than the future.

Teams begin to switch up this week with Mercury and then Venus moving into Gemini. By the New Moon, we’re back to two teams: Mercury vs Saturn. Now these two are of less opposing qualities than Venus & Saturn. I would say the main shift in background atmosphere would be the injection of buzzing energy to break up what has been locked up in fixed signs, along with…

Well, this feels to me like choose your own adventure weather. Mental acuity will be ripe for plucking once Mercury moves into Gemini, but the stodgy stubbornness of who’s-gonna-give energy between self and collective, between little picture and big picture is still very much alive.


Exact times provided for events like the new, full, and quarter moons. But when it comes to time brackets for void-of-course moons and moon mansions, times are rounded. I’m looking out for my neurotic friends who get lost in the derailing details – and I’m rounding this shit.

This is called ‘Getting Out of Your Own Way 101’. I care about you. Now let’s see what the Moon is doing this week…

Monday, 3 May

  • Moon in AQUARIUS: all day
  • 24th Moon Mansion (Sa’d al-Su’ud, Luckiest of the Lucky, Mask, Star of Fortune): until 3:50a
  • 25th Moon Mansion (Sa’d al-Akhbiyah, Lucky Star of Hidden Things, Rebel, Butterfly): after 3:50a
  • Waning Quarter Moon in AQUARIUS @ 13 degrees: 12:49p

Tuesday, 4 May

  • 26th Moon Mansion (Al Fargh al-Awwal, Upper Spout, First Drawying of Water, Prisoner): after 3:10a
  • Void of course: 5p – 7p
  • Moon into PISCES: 7p

Wednesday, 5 May

  • Moon in PISCES: all day
  • 27th Moon Mansion (Al Fargh al-Thani, Lower Spout, Guru): after 3:10a

Thursday, 6 May

  • Moon in PISCES: all day
  • 28th Moon Mansion (Batn al-Hut, Belly of the Fish, Sleeper): after 3:50a

Friday, 7 May

  • Void of course: 12:30a – 5a
  • Moon into ARIES: 5a
  • 1st Moon Mansion (Al-Sharatain, the Two Signals, Volcano): after 5a

Saturday, 8 May

  • Moon in ARIES: all day
  • 2nd Moon Mansion (Al-Butain, the Little Belly, Musician): after 6:20a

Sunday, 9 May

  • 3rd Moon Mansion (Al-Thurayya, the Many Little Ones, Palace): after 8a
  • Void of course: 4p – 5p
  • Moon into TAURUS: 5p

Monday, 10 May

  • Moon in TAURUS: all day
  • 4th Moon Mansion (Al-Dabaran, the Follower, Stone): after 10a

Tuesday, 11 May

  • Moon in TAURUS: all day
  • New Moon in TAURUS @ 21 degrees: 11:59a
  • 5th Moon Mansion (Al-Haqa, the White Spot, Wheel): 12:20p

Friday through Sunday, while in Aries, the Moon & Mars are in mutual reception. This means both planets are receiving support while in signs they usually aren’t comfortable with. This weekend acts as a lunar portal into the theme of Mars’ journey through Cancer – keep this in mind for journaling, meditation, tarot, or other divinatory/reflective practices.


Mercury into GEMINI @ 3 May, 8p // Venus into GEMINI @ 8 May, 7p

Mercury returns to their domicile of Gemini on the evening of the Quarter Moon, which lightens their friction with Jupiter. This is where Mercury is most powerful, and they will become team captain of most of the sky once Venus flips into Gemini and the Moon into Taurus. The personal planets chilling in Taurus enter the bubbly, shiny terrain of Gemini, getting our mental cogs a’spinning – while the Sun remains in stable, persevering Taurus for a couple more weeks. A bit more distinction can be felt between the purpose of what you’re working on and how it particularly wants to be worked.

Venus leaves her domicile, loses a bit of strength, and switches gears from relaxation to fascination. Her desires perk up, giddiness and wit fill the air. Flirtation flows. Venus isn’t dignified in anyway here, but she is supported by the presence of Gemini’s host/ruler, Mercury. With Wit and Grace having entered your Gemini house, how are you doing there? Any planets in early degrees of mutable signs being hard aspected by these ingresses? (Jupiter is about move into the first couple degrees of mutable Pisces later this month, so keep that in mind.)

Mercury is moving into domicile so… Clarity? Yes, but only if you’re feeling healthy/balanced enough to handle it. If Taurus is like receiving a massage, Gemini is like looking through a kaleidoscope. Under the right circumstances, these things can be relaxing and fun. Under not so great circumstances, uncomfortable and overwhelming. So this shift could manifest for you as change to something more playful…orrr as a change to something more annoying.


Before their ingresses into Gemini, Mercury is finishing up, while Venus moves through, a square to Jupiter. Squares feel like friction, like a hellishly itchy sweater that can’t be ignored, and they usually involve unequal compromise to resolve. Jupiter expands, stretches out, exaggerates, dramatizes.

With Mercury, this can look like communication drama or going down a hyper-focused study hole until you feel like your brain is melting, but you needed to learn juuust a pinch more in order to form a solid take on the matter at hand. With Venus, you may the feel the squeezing pressure to obtain your desires, but it could be a nice enough hyperbole of emotion to help you check in on if you truly want that thing or not. Don’t forget that Jupiter rules Truth.

Possibly more important than the squares to Jupiter, the Sun is separating from a square to Saturn this week. It’s exact during the Quarter Moon, so it’s coloring the entire week…yay? Saturn restricts, limits, binds, makes serious. This transit can feel like a constriction of self-expression. Remember, this is a general aspect in the sky being made for everyone – find which parts of your chart this transit is touching, and you’ll find a personalized take on this phenomenon.

Near the end of the week, Mercury is forming a trine with Saturn. Trines feel supportive and flowing. These two planets also happen to be who everyone else is reporting to by the New Moon. So while we’re still under this atmosphere of two distinct teams, they aren’t in challenging orientation to each other. There is a slight loosening into playfulness this week (as much as Saturn will allow).


No planets stations direct or retrograde this week. But Mercury is going retrograde in Gemini later this month. Aren’t you excited?


On the 8th, Venus flips into Gemini, handing over her team-captain badge to Mercury. The Moon and Mars are in mutual reception, until the Moon also moves into Taurus, putting everyone but Jupiter and Saturn on team-Mercury. The general atmosphere shifts from more sensual to more mental.

I’ve been stressing the fact that the sky is split into two factions, because this is not always what the sky look like. Sometimes there are three or four or more factions, or even everyone being on the same team (my entire natal chart, for instance, is on team-Saturn).

But as I said, we’ll be feeling a loosening into playfulness, into mutable signs – especially with the Sun and Jupiter moving into mutable signs as well later this month.

This has been the 4th installment of AstroWeekly. My desire is for this series to be the astrology resource I’ve long been hoping to find and to share it with all of you. So what sort of information would you find supportive or inspiring in this lunar-weekly newsletter of sorts?

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