AstroWeekly: 19-26 May, 2021

AstroWeekly is cross between easy-to-access ephemeris & general astrology forecast. This series is here to assist your personal practice and provide pointers as to how the present moment is rhyming with you (your natal chart), externally and internally. All times are in PST. Chart images from

This week marks lunar summer from Waxing Moon in Leo to Full Moon in Sagittarius, which is technically a Lunar Eclipse (whose Solar partner will be experienced in June).

Once the Sun flips into Gemini on the 20th, half of the classical planets will be in mutable signs. Only Saturn is left in a sustaining/maintaining fixed sign. Most everyone else has moved into adapting/shifting mutable signs, so the atmosphere is primed for CHANGE. How will you dance with this change? With reverent grace? With resistant drama?

The most potent influence this week will be the stellium party in Gemini, a sign known for it’s love of words, communication, rhetoric, and repartee. However, Jupiter in Pisces rules extreme glee and extreme gloom, and squares the Sun’s ingress into Gemini. So what role will you be taking on at this party?


Exact times provided for events like the new, full, and quarter moons. But when it comes to time brackets for void-of-course moons and moon mansions, times are rounded. I’m looking out for my neurotic friends who get lost in the derailing details — and I’m rounding this shit.

This is called ‘Getting Out of Your Own Way 101’. I care about you. Now let’s see what the Moon is doing this week…

Wednesday, 19 May

  • 12th Moon Mansion (Al-Sarfah, the Changer, the Fall): until 9:45p
  • Waxing Quarter Moon @ 29 degrees of LEO: 12:12p
  • Void of course: 12:12p – 2p
  • Moon into VIRGO: 2p
  • 13th Moon Mansion (Al-Awwa, the Wings, Altar): after 9:45p

Thursday, 20 May

  • Moon in VIRGO: all day
  • Sun into GEMINI: 12:30p
  • 14th Moon Mansion (Al-Simak, the Unarmed, Scepter): after 8:30p

Friday, 21 May

  • Void of course: 1p – 6:30p
  • Moon into LIBRA: 6:30p
  • 15th Moon Mansion (Al-Ghafr, the Covering, Bouquet): after 6:30p

Saturday, 22 May

  • Moon in LIBRA: all day
  • 16th Moon Mansion (Al-Zubana, the Claws, Door): after 4p

Sunday, 23 May

  • Saturn stations retrograde @ 13 degrees of AQUARIUS: 2:20a
  • 17th Moon Mansion (Al-Iklil, the Crown, Sword): after 1p
  • Void of course: 2:30p – 8p
  • Moon into SCORPIO: 8p

Monday, 24 May

  • Moon in SCORPIO: all day
  • 18th Moon Mansion (Al-Qalb, the Heart, Sacrifice): after 9:45p

Tuesday, 25 May

  • 19th Moon Mansion (Al-Shaulah, the Sting, Two Paths): after 6a
  • Void of course: 2:20p – 7:40p
  • Moon into SAGITTARIUS: 7:40p

Wednesday, 26 May

  • 20th Moon Mansion (Al-Na’am, the Beam, Precipice): after 2:30a
  • Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse @ 5 degrees of SAGITTARIUS: 4:13a
  • 21st Moon Mansion (Al-Baldah, the City, Duel): after 10:50p

Sunday evening through Tuesday evening the Moon is in Scorpio and therefore back in mutual reception with Mars in Cancer, where both planets are receiving support while in signs they usually aren’t comfortable with. However, instead of being in a combative square, this time they’re in a supportive trine configuration. Which layer of your inner/emotional world are you acting from? Is that in alignment with your deeper values? Are you reacting to change from your pain or from your power?

The upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius is indeed a lunar eclipse, since it’s happening 5 degrees off the nodes. I’ll discuss the meaning reflected in eclipses next week, but you can plan ahead to see if you’ll be in a viewable area to experience the eclipse in real time. For now, I’ll just give you a head’s up that this is a South Node eclipse, a phenomenon of release.


The Sun moves into Gemini on 20 May, the final sign of solar spring. The conscious, known, easily seen parts of life shift from chill to giddy, from more stubborn to more playful, from more serious to more frivolous. You may also feel the energetic focus shift from your Taurus to Gemini House, and/or the lighting up of any planets you may have in Gemini. Actually, all mutable signs are lighting up — variability is mid-stir.

I love the innocent, nonjudgmental curiosity of Gemini, but the Sun is entering this sign with a square to Jupiter, so be alert for taking details out of proportion. The main beef between Gemini and Pisces is that Gemini seeks to understand where Pisces seeks to feel out. Don’t abandon the messages from your body for the shiny bits of drama outside you — seek to reconcile these seeming opposites in order to get the most out of Gemini season.


Venus makes an exact trine with Saturn during the Waxing Quarter Moon. The formation of this transit over the last few days (and continuing for the next couple of days) has nicely balanced & restrained Venus, who is generally quite erratic, if not dramatic, in the bubbly domain of Gemini. But now relationship/relating energy is separating from this aspect and is ready to rebel by following whims. I mean, it’s just rowdy playfulness, but for some folks it could feel, like, easier to choose the naughty option.

And as for the grace your sense of discipline was benefiting from, that’s dissipating. Saturn-sensitive folks are most prone to feeling this one, as the Sun moving into Gemini mitigates it a bit. So take this as a warning of an ebb feeling, and trust the return of the flow (especially in your Aquarius- & Gemini-ruled Houses).

Jupiter makes major aspects to both the Waxing Quarter Moon and Full Moon this week. He’s home and ready to party (Bacchus-style) by making things dramatic, exaggerated, stresssed. The Moon in the final degrees of Leo on the Waxing Moon opposes Jupiter in the first degree of Pisces, and then she squares him on the Full Moon — all while the Sun is still in a square with Jupiter as well. The King of King archetype demands to be heard. This is big, bold, over-doing energy. Check where this is playing out in your chart to see where you may need to double-check with yourself: Are you being over-dramatic or over-confident?

To be clear, I’m not recommending you play small. Oh no. If doors of opportunity open for you this week, especially Jupiter-ruled folks: green light go. (Just keep the upcoming Mercury retrograde in mind, which is not a great time for signing contracts and such).


On Sunday the 23rd, Saturn stations retrograde at 13 degrees of Aquarius. This is a very general background energy as the dark Feminine archetype of time, limitation, boundaries, and authority goes into review mode until mid-October (where she stations direct at 6 degrees). Retrogrades can feel like a turning-inward, be wary of turning your projected judgement in against yourself. Be prepared to dialogue with this part of yourself as it begins to haunt you possibly more from within than from without.

If you have any planets between 8-18 degrees of mutable signs, you’ll feel this stationing the most potently. Which of your planets/functions/’etheric organs’ are being worked by the planet of deep, penetrating responsibility? The two or three days leading up to and after this stationing will offer a clue as the to your theme for this entire Saturn Retro season.

Also, remember that Mercury is currently traveling through their shadow and will be stationing retrograde (in Gemini) next week!


The Moon moves from Leo to Sagittarius this week. That inner fire paired with mutable madness (and the archetypal function of fire trudging through Cancer), could be a lot of fun but let’s face we’re not in the most balanced and functional environment right now. What do mutable and fire signs have in common when they’re unbalanced/unhealthy? They blow shit up.

And this is what’s in the air the week leading up to a South Node Eclipse, to a ‘sudden release’?

I cannot stress enough: relax your muscles, wiggle around a bit, find your playful side, allow that playful side a seat at the table this week. Taking things too seriously, too dramatically, too disproportionately will blow up in your face soon. What’s your self-reflection routine? Who are your trusted friends? Where are you possibly not seeing a gift because you convinced yourself it’s a goblin?

This has been the 6th installment of AstroWeekly. My desire is for this series to be the astrology resource I’ve long been hoping to find and to share it with all of you. So what sort of information would you find supportive or inspiring in this lunar-weekly newsletter of sorts? Leave a comment or email me:

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