How now mercurial cow?


“Believe nothing. Entertain possibility.”

Caroline W. Casey

Hello, hello! Iā€™m Tango.

Gemini Sun | Capricorn Moon | Scorpio Rising

My love for all things academic matched with a deep disdain for modern academia led me out of Hell and into Wonderland. It’s been a process of shedding the scientist to reveal the alchemist underneath the witch that 12-year-old me predicted, 22-year-old me never saw coming, and 28-year-old me radiates gratitude for daily.

Place of residence: Southeast Alaska
Coffee preference: dark roast with cinnamon, nettles, & cream
A wish: to read & dance simultaneously
A displeasure: questions seeking a categorical ‘favorite’
A desire: to spread my curiosity for cognition, mindset, & embodiment
An obsession:
composting consciousness for the purpose of re-enchanting reality āœØšŸŒˆšŸ’‹

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I also host a Mighty Network.. Are you autistic? Are you 18 or older? Are you interested in joining a private community of peers, of fellow adult autistic folks? Check out AutiComm!

[Header art by the glorious Jane Goebel.]