Book your session before my 30th birthday
(31 May, 2021)
when prices are going up
after a decade of astrological service!

Natal chart readings // 60min // $99

This offering includes a prepared presentation with space for questions woven in. I work with a variety of techniques, pulling from both ancient Hellenistic and modern psychological astrology traditions. Let’s explore your map of energetic tendencies and trace its patterns, both within your internal psyche & external experience.

Readings take place on Zoom and are paid when scheduled via PayPal.

Astrology study sessions // 60min // $66

This offering is an open space for astrology mentorship. Bring your questions either on specific charts or on astrology in general. Once you dive into astrological studies, it quickly becomes clear the ocean of information available to you. And being a non-linear art, sorting the wheat from the chaff can be frustrating. I’m here to listen to where you’re at, answer questions to clear up any confusion, and offer guidance on how to move forward in your practice.

Sessions take place on Zoom and are paid when scheduled via PayPal.

For scheduling and inquiries, email

(If money is a barrier to your receiving service, email me for more information on scholarships & trades.)